Monologue of The Week -Broccoli Bacon Mess

Broccoli Bacon Mess So last night I choked. I really, really choked, you know, the real deal. The coughing thing, the watery eyes thing, my hands on my throat thing. I couldn’t breathe for about 10 seconds, well it felt like 10 minutes, but you know what I mean. It all started because I wouldn’tContinue reading “Monologue of The Week -Broccoli Bacon Mess”

Monologue of The Week -Sledding In Trouble

This week’s monologue was written by my daughter Shayna Levy. We used to sled down the hill, but not the baby one. The one for big kids. Like me. And my brother. We would drag the sled up, and I would get on. He would hold it and jump on, and away we go. ButContinue reading “Monologue of The Week -Sledding In Trouble”

Monologue of The Week – The Dry Cleaner Tailor

The clothes, they come in wrinkly, like some of my customers. But they come out shiny, like some of my other customers. A lady brought in a blouse that had been on the bottom of her closet floor for six months she tells me. The blouse looked like a prune, it was shriveled and small.Continue reading “Monologue of The Week – The Dry Cleaner Tailor”

Monologue of The Week – Benched

Benched By Joshua Levy I want to play, let me in, let me in, I can score. It’s not like it’s the end of the world that I am not passing two classes. Just because I didn’t study enough doesn’t mean I don’t know enough. Go ahead ask me anything about it. I’ll tell youContinue reading “Monologue of The Week – Benched”

Monologue of The Week – Sammi

Welcome to the new weekly series – Monologue of The Week. I’ll publish an original monologue composed by: me, or one of our instructors, or one of our volunteers, or one of our students, or by a special guest in our programs. I recently composed the monologue below in preparation for the theatre arts elective IContinue reading “Monologue of The Week – Sammi”


We’ve been up and running with amazing kids and programs since June. A few of my reflections… He got up and flapped his arms up and down and squealed with delight and ran around the room. He did it more and more as his comfort level with the group increased. It was heaven for thisContinue reading “Reflections”


A list of frequently asked questions along with answers. Have a question not on the list? Ask your question to Joshua Levy, Executive Director, at or 512-825-2744. Q: Can kids without special needs participate? A: Yes. Children without special needs can participate in the program. For example, siblings who do not have special needsContinue reading “FAQs”

Fit To Be A Star: Theatre Arts and Fitness Thanksgiving Camp

Fit To Be A Star: Theatre Arts and Fitness Thanksgiving Camp Joshua’s Stage is teaming up with The Fitness School to let your child perform and get fit with the art of theatre and the rush of working out. For students with a wide range of special needs in grades K-12.  Monday November 21st andContinue reading “Fit To Be A Star: Theatre Arts and Fitness Thanksgiving Camp”

Engage and Be Inspired: A Filmmaking Workshop

Engage and be inspired with the creativity and technology of filmmaking! On Saturday January 21, 2017, from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. students in grades 9-12 with a wide range of special needs are invited to participate in a filmmaking workshop at Golden Arm Media. Workshop participants will engage in activities and learn about: hands-onContinue reading “Engage and Be Inspired: A Filmmaking Workshop”

Now Enrolling

Registration is open for our January 21 filmmaking workshop and for our Spring 2017 improv session. Joshua’s Stage is the premiere performance center for children ages 3 to 18 with a wide range of special needs; featuring classes in theatre arts, dance, digital photography, and filmmaking. Your child will participate in an accepting and engaging environment thatContinue reading “Now Enrolling”

The Royal Binocular Debacle

Complete with temper tantrums, an expensive pair of binoculars, and a good moral lesson at the end, six sensationally creative children inspired their audience to laugh and applaud with delight on Sunday July 24th. The children took to the stage playing wonderful characters such as a king, a queen, a princess, a prince, a clerk,Continue reading “The Royal Binocular Debacle”

The Story Behind Joshua’s Stage

Over the years my parents and I tossed around an idea for a theatre school for children with special needs, and the idea quickly fluttered away each time we talked about it. This is the story of how that idea stopped fluttering, and started evolving. Joshua’s Stage is the product of: my experiences and myContinue reading “The Story Behind Joshua’s Stage”

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