Monologue of The Week -Sledding In Trouble


This week’s monologue was written by my daughter Shayna Levy.

We used to sled down the hill, but not the baby one. The one for big kids. Like me. And my brother. We would drag the sled up, and I would get on. He would hold it and jump on, and away we go. But then I broke my arm. So when I healed and could sled again, Mom made us use the baby one. We were embarrassed, and held our heads down. It wasn’t NEARLY as fun. No thrill. AT ALL. So we went back up on the big kid one. But that’s when Mom came to pick us up. And she saw us on the big kid hill. TROUBLE! We ran down the other side of the hill. This was good, this was good. But she found us. She found us! She really did! We got in trouble. But mainly me because I had broken my arm and needed to be CAREFUL. What a pointless word. Careful. Anyway, now Mom took away our sled and Dad won’t buy us another one. So now we just have snowball fights.

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