Individual Enrichment Program

Your child has the opportunity to demonstrates his/her creativity, increases his/her self-confidence, and builds his/her social skills at his/her own pace.

Your child will engage with one of our highly trained instructors to produce a project while strengthening other areas of need. For example, your child creates a musical production while developing a desire to improve their study habits.

Learn how our Individual Enrichment Program may be the right fit for your child
Scheduling conflicts, homeschooling, and social anxiety may be some of the reasons you prefer that your child works at his/her own pace. We understand. Through our Individual Enrichment Program your child will have the opportunity to create a project from start to final production while improving in other areas.

What is involved in an Individual Enrichment Program?
To get started, you will meet with Joshua Levy, our Executive Director for an initial consult. During the meeting you will discuss your child’s creative interests and what you expect your child to achieve by the end of the project. Joshua will designate a highly trained instructor to develop your child’s proposed goals and objectives for the project along with the proposed timeline and supplemental documents. You and your child’s instructor will review the proposed project plan and upon your approval the instructor will develop the supplemental documents. The initial meeting with your child’s instructor and your child will include a getting-to-know you activity and project summary. Subsequent meetings will include the actual project work. Your instructor will frequently update you regarding your child’s progress on his/her goals and objectives. The final project meeting includes your child presenting and/or performing his/her finished product.

Where do the meetings take place?
You and your child’s instructor can meet at your residence, your child’s school, or via an online platform such as Zoom or Google Meet.

What is a highly trained instructor?
Instructors who work in the Individual Enrichment Program have: passed a background check; experience working with individuals with special needs; experience working with Joshua’s Stage programs; training in The Creative Outlet Method; a background in creativity; training in developing effective goals and objectives, and training in project management.

What ages are eligible to participate?
The Individual Enrichment Program is appropriate for ages seven through adult.

A typical Individual Enrichment Program is $45 per 45-minute session. The number of sessions is dependent on the project scope.

Contact us and we’ll be in touch. Don’t worry, we won’t provide your information to anyone else.

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