The Creative Outlet Method

Play the sound byte above to hear from a parent sharing her son’s positive experiences with The Creative Outlet Method.

The Creative Outlet Method is the process used to enhance every participant’s unique abilities while providing them with the opportunity to demonstrate their creativity, increase their self-confidence, and build their social skills.

The HIPPP Rules and the A+ Audience Type are positive behavior supports that our Founder and Executive Director, Joshua Levy, created to help the conductor of the activities manage the participants’ behaviors. 

While many of the activities that Joshua’s Stage conducts are common to theater arts and improv enrichment programs, camps, and schools, embedding the Creative Outlet Method in each activity is the ultimate gateway for Joshua’s Stage to meet your child’s needs. 

To foster and maintain a warm and welcoming environment for everyone, caring and qualified staff and volunteers are trained to follow these 10 components:

  1. Implementers and Recipients
  2. CUPSS (Create, Unique, Positive, Support, Success)
  3. SOfTS (Serving Others for Tremendous Success)
  4. RAE of Sunshine Approach (Reflect. Engage. Analyze. Sunshine.)
  5. The Five Cs (Compassionate, Confident, Creative, Curioisty, Communication)
  6. HIPPP Rules (Hey, Hey What?!, I Am Making Good Decisions, Positive Words, Positive Actions, Participation)
  7. Audience Types (A+ Audience, B Audience, Funky Fools)
  8. Activity Plans
  9. Celebrate Success
  10. The Creative Outlet Method Cycle: Each component is defined by what it does and why and how you should use it.

A practical guide for parents and special educators to help enrich the lives of children with special needs

In The Creative Outlet Method: At-Home Activities for Children with Special Needs, certified special education educator Joshua Levy delivers practical and effective resources for conducting over 30 enriching theater arts and improvisational activities. The included exercises will allow children with disabilities to demonstrate creativity, increase self-confidence, and build social skills. Get your copy today.



“Just wanted to tell you that my daughter had a great time at the class today! I was honestly shocked by how chatty and eager she was while there. She has always had a lot of trouble advocating for herself in a group, and today it seemed like almost the opposite extreme – ha! I think that must mean she feels very comfortable with you all Ms. Maggie. Please let her know we appreciate her leadership today (that’s not an easy crowd!) and are really tickled to see our daughter really out of her shell today in terms of participation – that’s a really big deal for her. She’s looking forward to coming back!” -Parent of a student from the theatre arts summer session

“She at first was shy but she got warmed up and opened up. Teachers were great!” – Parent of a student from a theatre arts session

 To learn more about Joshua’s Stage, contact Joshua Levy, Executive Director, at, or 512-825-2744.

We all have different gifts, so we all have different ways of saying to the world who we are. What’s been important in my understanding of myself and others is the fact that each one of us is so much more than any one thing. A sick child is much more than his or her sickness. A person with a disability is much, much more than a handicap. A pediatrician is more than a medical doctor. You’re much more than your job description or your age or your income or your output.” – Fred Rogers (Mr. Rogers)

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