Theatre Arts and More! Workshops

Get Ready to Get H.I.P.P.P.-ed!

Bring Joshua’s Stage to your school, camp, congregation, and more. Our team will engage your participants in The Creative Outlet Method featuring activities such as arts and crafts, theatre arts, improv, music, and create-a-story.

The Ideal Workshop
Our team starts out by leading an arts and crafts project. From there we head over to the Welcome Circle where we review our H.I.P.P.P. Rules, introduce the three Audience Types, learn each other’s names, play games that get everyone focused, warm-up our voices, and share our arts and crafts projects. Without skipping a beat we dive into theatre arts and improv games and activities. Turn up the volume because it’s music time, which includes sing-a-longs and create-a-song. Our workshop culminates with create-a-story where the participants design and perform an original production.

Number of Participants and Ages
Our ideal workshop size starts with four participants and we max out at any number. Additional rates may apply for workshops with more than 40 participants. Our workshops are ideal for ages 3 through adult.

A typical Theatre Arts and More! Workshop is 90-minutes for $185.00.

Ready to let us know what you need? Contact us and we’ll be in touch. Don’t worry, we won’t provide your information to anyone else.

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