Joshua’s Stage

Joshua’s Stage is the premiere enrichment program for individuals with a wide range of special needs featuring after-school programs, camps, workshops, birthday parties, individual enrichment programs, and performances in theatre arts, improv, music, dance, arts and crafts, photography, and create-a-story.

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Demonstrate Creativity

Joshua’s Stage uses The Creative Outlet Method – a unique and innovative program where participants are strongly encouraged to use their imagination to create and perform in original stories, star as their favorite character in the Showcase, capture one-of-a-kind images using a digital camera, explore movement activities through dance, sing to the beat of their own lyrics, produce unique works of art, and improvise their own theatrical journey.

Increase Self-Confidence

Your child’s unique abilities are our program’s greatest treasures. Performing at their own pace allows each participant to feel good about him/herself.

Build Social Skills

Participants engage in creative fun in group settings. Your child produces unique characters and stories with their peers in a warm and welcoming environment. Even our individual enrichment program provides your child with opportunities to experience social and emotional growth.

What other parents say

She was shy at first but she got warmed up and opened up. Teachers were great!

We LOVE your program and really appreciate what you provide. Being a special needs family can feel isolating at times and you are like a big hug from the wider world..

The Creative Outlet Method

The Creative Outlet Method™ is the process used to enhance every participant’s unique abilities while providing them with the opportunity to demonstrate their creativity and to increase their self-confidence. To foster and maintain a warm and welcoming environment for everyone, qualified staff and volunteers are trained to implement the CUPSS of The Creative Outlet Method™:

Create – create and conduct activities with our passion for the fine arts

Unique – celebrate every participant’s unique abilities while recognizing their accomplishments with our “Ferris Wheel Round of Applause”

Positive – develop and maintain a positive relationship with every participant

Support – support participants so that they encourage each other to achieve their best

Success – provide an environment for every participant to feel successful

Ready to blast off to creativity?

Are you ready for your child to engage in a warm and welcoming environment with their peers?

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About Us

Joshua’s Stage – Have You H.I.P.P.P.-ed Today?

We provide the opportunity for your child to demonstrate creativity, increase self-confidence, and build social skills.




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