I consider that word more and more each day – humbled.

How can anybody be humbled at a time like this you ask? I am humbled because I am in awe of our team of instructors at Joshua’s Stage. I am amazed at how each person brings their own unique perspective to carry out the mission of Joshua’s Stage for each individual participant – day in and day out. Each one of our instructors strives to best meet the needs of our participants through their creativity, versatility, patience, and compassion.

The COVID-19 crisis we are currently facing has put our programs as we know them at Joshua’s Stage to a stop. Have our instructors stopped? No. Have they said forget it? No. Our team of instructors has been meeting throughout the past couple of weeks to plan on putting our programs in online environment. They desire for our participants to continue their connection to their instructors, to each other, and to our programs.

Our instructors are moving forward through adversity. They are moving forward with expanding our reach of programs as best as they can. They are moving forward with meeting the needs of our participants.

I am humbled by our team’s collective talents, perspectives, experiences, and by their hearts of gold. I am humbled that they are forging ahead.

We’ll see you soon online, and we’ll all feel a surge of that humility together.

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