Monologue of The Week – The Dry Cleaner Tailor


The clothes, they come in wrinkly, like some of my customers. But they come out shiny, like some of my other customers. A lady brought in a blouse that had been on the bottom of her closet floor for six months she tells me. The blouse looked like a prune, it was shriveled and small. I thought to myself, now that is a big project, and we can do it. We can fix anything here. I took the shriveled shirt and fed it through our machines. Then I sent it to our steam room, and I sent it through our machines again. When it was all done and all dry, it looked amazing. The lady picked up her shirt and was so excited. That was a great moment for me. You know we fix clothes that have the threads all messed up, we are also tailors here in the shop. I can sew really well, and so can everybody else here. We take the holes in your pants and sew them right back up. We take buttons and we sew them back on. We can make your pant legs shorter or longer, and we can do the same with a skirt or a dress. We measure you really well so we get it right. We’ve never had an issue. So bring your wrinkled clothes and your tattered threads, and we’ll fix you right up.

Composed by Joshua Levy

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