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Welcome to the new weekly series – Monologue of The Week. I’ll publish an original monologue composed by: me, or one of our instructors, or one of our volunteers, or one of our students, or by a special guest in our programs.

I recently composed the monologue below in preparation for the theatre arts elective I teach on Sunday mornings. While I composed several others at the time, this is one of my favorites. A female, middle-school aged student performed the piece with the rich, sarcastic, and fun humor it deserves.

By Joshua Levy

My room, I don’t have to clean it, it’s my room and I’ll leave it how I want. It’s my stuff, well never mind that you technically bought it, but it’s mine and I shall do what I want with it if you please. But you don’t please, you are yelling at me to clean my room, and that is oh so annoying. I have clothes here on the floor, and yea so my jeans are on the ceiling fan, no big deal. Watch this, I’ll just turn on the fan like this, and oh wow, watch those babies fly. Those are some pretty flying jeans. Now check this out. I am taking this sock that I’ve worn for three weeks almost every other day, and it hasn’t been washed in three weeks, and I am throwing it on top of the ceiling fan. Oh yeah, now I am pulling the switch to make the fan at full speed. Oh yeah, check out that sock fly, and oh yeah, check out that nasty smell. Yup, that’s my sock flying around. Yup, this is my room, and I can fly my clothes from the ceiling fan if I want to. I might get so mad that I could put my shoes on the ceiling fan and fly them around. Hah, flying shoes. Wouldn’t that be something. Wait, I can’t find my shoes. I need to pick up my jeans, my socks, my books, my pencils, my pillow, my shirts, and I need to start putting it all away. My shoes are here somewhere. Wait, what’s that on top of the window?

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