We’ve been up and running with amazing kids and programs since June. A few of my reflections…

He got up and flapped his arms up and down and squealed with delight and ran around the room. He did it more and more as his comfort level with the group increased. It was heaven for this kid, and we loved him for it.

And another kid…In a moment that lasted a matter of seconds, I watched him while he was pestering the other kids. One of them shriveled her eyes, looked him up and down as if he were the Devil incarnate, and he turned away from her. I happened to be facing him when my eyes fell on the heartbroken expression of his face, I watched his shoulders drop, I felt his energy drain from his core. That was a moment that affirmed my intense compassion for this kid, and all the other kids whose behavior leaves me, and so many others, feeling the sense of challenge, feeling the very moment of conflict of my wanting to issue him stern verbal redirection for his actions versus my instinct to wanting to gently wrap my arm around his shoulder, escort him swiftly away from the scene, and support him by verbally offering positive praise for something about him, anything meaningful to allow him to focus on the positive; taking a moment to distract him, and to let him know the world is an okay place.

A picture can speak a thousand words. Their pictures, especially the ones in color, speak a thousand plus one. For a brief-moment in time, an hour and a half to be exact, they coast around the room and through the playground capturing images of the world around them in the way they want to show us their world. The colorful pictures reflect the best of who they are – full of life, full of energy, full of the hunger and the desire to learn.

Their arms were resting on each other’s shoulders. Their friendship came to be from our class. One day he didn’t want to start with class because his friend hadn’t arrived yet. That was telling. That was very telling that they are forming long-lasting relationships with each other here. I am not sure what we would have done that afternoon if his friend hadn’t arrived that afternoon.

“He loves it. He just loves coming here,” she tells me when dropping him off and picking him up. Yes, he does love it! His creativity is off the charts. His nature to get along with anyone is special, too. He is the one where we will be saying, “We knew you when…” Yes, he does love it, and we love him!

The performance was incredible, amazing, magical. They created a dynamic plot, adventurous characters. They delivered the fun, they performed the drama, and they shared with us the best treat…pride. How proud they were of what they accomplished together. A joyous afternoon of families for an incredible inaugural moment. The instructor, the support team, they created something special. Those nine hours over six weeks…it lives in me, and perhaps for them too, as a lifetime of an amazing moment.

There are so many heroes in the world. There really are. We are beyond blessed to have so many of them. Watching the supporting, safe, and welcoming environment take shape in our space is due to our heroes. They are perfect with the kids, I can see their energy transpire with the kids, and I am watching a mystical sharing of energy between the heroes and the kids in a seamless, loving, dedicated moment the world drinks and grows stronger from.

My heart said to reach out to specific special people who will provide guidance, leadership, and support for the endeavor. I followed the direction of my heart, and I am humbled that our Board is spot on. Each one is like a fresh ingredient in a meal that keeps getting better and better each time you make it.

There is so much more to the story, and I am excited to watch it unfold. I can see the big chapters, and the heart of the content is the amazement that awaits. I am glad that you, too, are watching.

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