Monologue of The Week – Sarah Marah


Yes, that’s who I am, Sarah Marah. They call me everything under the Sun from Sara Marinara, to S’marah, to Samrah, and sometimes just Sarah. Enough about my name. I did something and it wasn’t a good something and it wasn’t a bad something either. But it was something and I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t have to tell you about the something. That something isn’t everything you know, so I don’t know what the big deal about the something is. Or even what it isn’t. But that is neither here nor there. Here is the something and the something that goes like this. I was walking down the path and the trees were taller than the building around the corner. There were stones that looked smooth as silk and there were rocks that looked rough as sand. I picked up a stone and I picked up a rock and it felt like I was holding a stale cookie in my hand. I kept walking down the path and looked out across the creek and watched the birds fly over the low water. But I was watching the bird for too long and I tripped and stumbled over a huge, gigantic tree root that was stuck out of the ground. When I went flying into the air next to a bird the stone and rock fell from my hand and they hit that squirrel on the head. He’s going to be okay. You asked me about the something that I did, and that is my something. Was there something else?

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