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The Exceptional Experience For The Exceptional Child

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Joshua’s Stage is the premiere performance center for children ages 3 to 18 with a wide range of special needs. Featuring classes, workshops, camps, performances, film screenings, and exhibits in theatre arts, dance, digital photography & filmmaking.

Children who are enrolled in Joshua’s Stage will have the opportunity to:

  • Explore fine arts classes specifically designed for children with special needs

  • Demonstrate creativity

  • Develop self-confidence in the classroom and during performances

  • Maintain high self-esteem

  • Form long-lasting relationships with children with similar needs and caring, qualified teachers

  • Engage in fun activities in a welcoming and accepting environment

Kids can take classes in theatre arts, dance, digital photography, and filmmaking. During the 6-week session your child will:

  • Create and perform his/her own plays

  • Learn to dance and perform in a variety of genres

  • Experience digital photography and display his/her photographs in an exhibit

  • Produce, direct, and act in his/her own films

Check out our highlights video from our Engage and Be Inspired Filmmaking Workshop, Saturday January 21, 2017. Thank you to the folks at Golden Arm Media for conducting the awesome workshop and for producing amazing videos!


“Just wanted to tell you that my daughter had a great time at the class today!  I was honestly shocked by how chatty and eager she was while there. She has always had a lot of trouble advocating for herself in a group, and today it seemed like almost the opposite extreme – ha!  I think that must mean she feels very comfortable with you all and Ms. Maggie. Please let her know we appreciate her leadership today (that’s not an easy crowd!) and are really tickled to see our daughter really out of her shell today in terms of participation – that’s a really big deal for her. She’s looking forward to coming back!” –Parent of a student from a theatre arts session

“The boys have been having a great time! They are excited to come each week!” — Parent of students from a theatre arts session

“We enjoyed the sessions. Our appreciations for this opportunity to learn photography.” –Parent of a student from a digital photography session 

“She was able to be more expressive. At home, more creative. Always looking forward to seeing friends. The teacher and the classroom assistants displayed tremendous amount of patience and kindness to the kids. We shall try theatre next semester.” — Parent of a student from a digital photography session

“She at first was shy but she got warmed up and opened up. Teachers and Joshua were great!” — Parent of a student from a theatre arts session

He had a wonderful time and this is good exposure and experience for him, We definitely want to continue with the workshops and any summer camps as well. Please keep us posted!” — Parent of a student from a filmmaking workshop

A Wide Range of Special Needs
We recognize that there are many special needs and disabilities, some more complex than others, and all special needs and disabilities are included for the program. We provide the opportunity for each child in the class to demonstrate success. Children without special needs are also invited to participate in the program.

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Try out a class
To try out a class, contact Joshua Levy, Executive Director, at joshua.levy@joshuasstage.org or 512-825-2744.

Scholarships and financial assistance are available for our programs. To learn more, contact Joshua Levy, Executive Director, at joshua.levy@joshuasstage.org or 512-825-2744.